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Who we are About Us

Shared values

At 1776®, our shared values include American Patriotism and a deep love and appreciation of this great nation. We value the great history of America and embrace the Founding Fathers vision of a more perfect union. At 1776®, we strive to contribute to a more perfect union while promoting liberty and freedom, living life to the fullest and doing so in a constant pursuit of happiness.

Out of many, one

1776® Gastonia’s people are active adults (those 55 and better) with a strong sense of national and community pride who seek a carefree lifestyle. Think of 4th of July Parade volunteers, local planning board members, Church potluck pros, retired military or others who yearn to be part of the local fabric of Gastonia’s community pride.

More than a community

1776® Gastonia is much more than a low-maintenance housing community catered to those 55 and older. It is part of a movement that celebrates American Patriotism and combines it with the American Dream of home ownership. Neighbors of all walks of life coming together to celebrate our rich history and to plant the seeds of liberty so that future generations can continue to enjoy the American Spirit – that is the essence of The 1776® Community.

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